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San Diego startup ecosystem

San Diego's startup ecosystem is thriving with coastal charm and innovative spirit. With a foundation rooted in technological advancements, this Southern California gem has evolved into a hub for visionary entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and collaborative spaces. From the buzzing Gaslamp Quarter to the picturesque shores, San Diego offers a diverse range of opportunities for startups to flourish and redefine the future.

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Kenny Hoang
Ecommerce Marketing Strategist - Generated $40M+ Revenue Through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads & Performance Creative

I’ve coached product teams all over the world, from startup to Fortune50. I have had executive roles leading product, customer experience and design in leading companies such as Intuit. I love helping founders and product leaders rapidly getting to product-market fit.

Vidya Dinamani
CPO @ lash.live | Product Coach @ ProductRebels | Partner at Ad Astra Ventures

Your idea is validated. You recently received some investor Seed or Series A funding… but the “oh $%*&” reality sets in. Don’t sweat! I can help. I’ve helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their business — easier and faster. I’ll share the same methods I used to grow our SaaS biz from $0 to $3 million.

David Kelly
General Manager

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Frequently asked questions

What industries or sectors are dominant in San Diego's startup ecosystem?

San Diego’s startup ecosystem is particularly strong in the Biotech, HealthTech, and Telecommunications sectors. The city is also witnessing growth in CleanTech and Software Development startups.

What are the key accelerators available for startups in San Diego?

Key accelerators in San Diego include Connect, EvoNexus, and the San Diego Tech Hub, providing startups with mentoring, funding opportunities, and networking resources.

What local funding opportunities are available for startups in San Diego?

Local funding is available through venture capital firms like Avalon Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures, as well as angel investor groups and public funding.

Are there any tax incentives designed to support startups in San Diego?

California offers several tax incentives for businesses, such as R&D tax credits, hiring credits, and enterprise zone incentives.

What is the cost of living and operating a business in San Diego?

While the cost of living in San Diego is higher than the US average, it remains more affordable than other California tech hubs, making it an attractive option for startups.

What is the talent pool like in San Diego?

San Diego’s talent pool is diverse and well-educated, with strength in biotechnology, healthcare, and software development, supported by local universities.

How is San Diego's infrastructure conducive to startup growth?

San Diego offers excellent infrastructure, including reliable transport networks, high-speed internet, and numerous coworking spaces, supporting the growth of startups.

Are there any major networking events focused on startups in San Diego?

San Diego hosts various startup events like San Diego Startup Week, Biocom’s Global Life Science Partnering Conference, and numerous networking events throughout the year.

What is the regulatory environment like for startups in San Diego?

While California’s regulatory environment can be complex, San Diego has a variety of resources to help startups navigate local, state, and federal regulations, contributing to a generally favorable business climate.