"Kosta was great as always. Helped me validate our go-to-market strategy and partnership. He's very easy to communicate with and direct about his opinions, which I value."
Brady Kirkpatrick Profile Image
Brady K.
"I don't even know how to begin this. What started as a short facebook ads call with Kevin has now turned into a full mentorship"
Ben W.
Facebook Ads
"Great call with an amazing mentor. Patiently he has shown me every step I need to achieve my aim. If you are looking for help regarding GA4 he is the right person."
Marko L.
"Amy is very knowledgable on Google Ads, and helped me optimising a campaign that was underperforming. She gave me some concrete tips that I can directly implement."
Celine Fosse Profile
Celine F.
Google Ads
"Always very insightful to talk to Manish and iron out the details and get a different perspective on the offering, PMF and marketing channels."
Nuno Pereira Profile
Nuno P.
Product Market Fit
"Had a great session full of valuable insights with Artem. He has developed a framework for crafting go-to-market strategies that I will definitely use."
Midori Hashiguchi Profile
Midori H.
Growth Marketing
Democratising Access to Knowledge

幸运5分彩官网开奖结果|2024澳洲幸运5官网直播-正规网站结果查询,开奖记录 The only mentorship platform offering unlimited calls for just $99/month

Slide to see how much you could save compared to traditional per-session pricing models.

How many sessions will you do per month?

$99/mo flat monthly payment
Expensive Consulting $250
$1151 savings based on $250/hr average rates
Unlimited free sessions
Predictable pricing
Diverse knowledge pool of 100’s of experts
Flexibility to change mentors
Mentors that actually care

2024澳洲幸运五官方网站,幸运5历史开奖结果+幸运5开奖号码查询记录 700+ mentors are just a few clicks away from having a call with you

Jan Kuzel

90 session(s) / 57 review(s)
⚡ B2B SaaS Product Marketing Strategist 🎯 ex-Head of Growth at SatisMeter (acquired)
Brno, Czechia (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
Growth marketing is what marketing used to be in the past, a full-funnel approach, including all the high-level strategy above, not just obsession with acquisition, retention, and lately, Product-market Fit. I believe that the correct formula for unlocking growth is The Product-Channel-Model-Market Fit.

Daniel Johnson

310 session(s) / 188 review(s)
Startup Scaling Expert: We Scale Startups Founder, Google Mentor, Speaker, Techstars Alum
London, United Kingdom (+07:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 9 hours
Although I deeply dislike the phrase, my career has been focused on helping businesses grow through employing the scientific method to rapidly, cheaply and effectively identify growth techniques and strategies.

Uwe Dreissigacker

31 session(s) / 25 review(s)
Fractional CMO, Content Marketing, SEO, Growth Marketer, SaaS Founder
Vilnius, Lithuania (+02:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 11 hour
Some of the growth marketing hacks I've done in the past include setting up templates and calculators, gaining social followers for access to content, using scrapping for cold outreach, using Fintech bank Revolut for cold marketing outreach (before they fixed that loophole), running directories and programmatic SEO tricks to gain SEO power.

Adam Wesolowski

20 session(s) / 16 review(s)
Experienced Growth Marketer (VP of Growth at Airalo)
Wroclaw, Poland (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
I don't like the term "growth hacking", I prefer "growth marketing", so ROI and Data-Driven approach to growth based on experimentation. More like a scientific approach to growth I suppose - please remember that there are no silver bullets and growth is just a sum of small wins!

Over 40,000 sessions have taken place since 2018

“We stopped buying courses”
“Nothing else compares”
“Our team can’t get enough”

John Kiskipelis

11 session(s) / 7 review(s)
E-commerce consultant | Founder @ UpCommerce | Adjunct Professor in e-Business & Digital Marketing @ CNAM
Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 5 hours
I've successfully worked with various startups in Greece, Romania, US and Australia. Some in the early stages and some well funded. I've implemented many Growth Hacks (well not 100% success 😅).

Peiran Yu

9 session(s) / 5 review(s)
Growth Advisor @Antler, SOSV | Chief Experimentation Officer @www.routz.tech
Singapore, Singapore (+08:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
Growth marketing campaigns are different from just marketing campaigns in that there can be multiple touchpoints resulting in more complexity, and their iterations are data driven. I am good at and absolutely enjoy designing viral campaigns the way a PM would prototype and design a product feature.

Mario Araujo

20 session(s) / 13 review(s)
Product-led growth or product-led sales for B2B startups and scaleups.
Ordino, Andorra (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 2 days
This is my number one 🥇 skill - I've been focused on growing B2B products organically through growth loops (aka product-led growth) - so if you would like to turn your product into the main acquisition channel and drive acquisition, retention and monetisation, I'd be happy to help.

Sardar Azimov

100 session(s) / 74 review(s)
Founder and CEO at Skief Labs (Growth & Outbound Agency)
Saint Tropez, France (+01:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 9 hours
- Defining growth strategies (validate PMF, ICP, channels, audiences) - Implementing outbound marketing - Cold emailing (data, tech stack, content) - Social outreach (data, tech)

Laura Bull

5 session(s) / 5 review(s)
Digital Marketing Manager
Colchester, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)
Usually responds in 1 day
I've worked in growth marketing functions for the last 3 years, across B2B and B2C businesses. I can help advise you on how to fix leaky funnels, increase click through rates and conversion rates, and increase lifetime value through a variety of tactics.
I'm a growth marketer specialising in paid media, and have worked at some of the UK's most loved brands. I'm passionate about making data-driven decisions & crafting customer centric journeys. A bit of a personal development nerd, I’m all about playing to your strengths & creating a personal brand.

How it works


Find your mentor

Browse through our database of mentors using the filters or using our AI powered matching tool.

Book a Call

No more awkward conversations about who's Calendly to use. Just choose a time, and book it in.

Get on 1:1 calls

Jump from mentor to mentor depending on what what your current challenges are to get diverse perspectives.

What people are saying about their experiences

Shannon Beckerleg
“All of the anxieties and stories I’d built up in my head, Paul eradicated in two sentences. I got a lot in a short space of time.”
Corey Hubbard
“All of the mentors there have been very helpful, very easy to talk to, and very knowledgable. Set up a session and get the goods.”
Susan Liu
“I left the session feeling super uplifted, empowered and with a clear direction on what I should do next.”
Tauras Sinkus
“I’ve had three sessions so far and I got the advice I was looking for or the inspiration I needed to continue going.”
Erin Tomlinson
“If you want to get customers to your door, this is the way to do it. It’s quality advice that will lead you to the promised land for your business.”
Lodewijk “Louis” Veldhuijzen
“Some of the advice the mentors have given me has saved me months. I’m benefitting like crazy and I suggest you do it too.”

More word on the street...

The results are pretty insane


Still have questions?

First, you’ll want to visit the “browse mentors” page. You could just start scrolling.

But, since we have more than 700 mentors, you’ll want to narrow down your options first.

Within our mentor search, you can apply filters to search for mentors with specific skills, software expertise, industries, or current and former companies. There are 275 different software areas to filter by, 30 skill areas, 300 industries, and more than 100 mentor companies.

For example, let’s say you’re facing questions about building a team for a SaaS industry company and you want a mentor with experience in both of those areas. All you have to do is check “Team Building” under skills, for 278 mentors:

Skills Team Building Filter GrowthMentor

And then, after a quick search for “SaaS” under “Industries”, check that box to narrow your field down to 107 mentors:

SaaS Industry Filter GrowthMentor

We usually recommend applying no more than 2 filters at a time, as certain filters (such as a mentor’s previous or current company) can pinpoint fairly specific results.

But in some cases, your filters may still yield a fairly large pool of potential mentors, like our 107 SaaS mentors with team building experience above.

To focus your options even more, you can search for specific keywords in our general profile search. Within our “SaaS” and “Team Building” filters, a search for the keyword “app” produces 39 mentor options, a search for “founder” yields 47 options, and a search for “accelerator” produces 15.

From there, it’s just a matter of browsing your options and determining which mentor seems like the best fit for you.

Once you’ve picked a mentor, you’ll hit “request a call,” choose your session duration (either 15, 30, or 60 minutes), pick a call location (Zoom, Google Meet, or our GrowthMentor video rooms), then choose a session time and answer the following questions about your challenge:

GrowthMentor Session Booking Questions

Your mentor will confirm the request and the call will take place over video conference like most mentoring platforms.

Sometimes you’re in the throes of decision fatigue and simply don’t have the time or energy to sort through even five or ten mentor options.

Situations like these are exactly why we built our new AI matching engine:

AI Mentor Matching GrowthMentor

Simply describe your primary pain-point, add your desired outcome, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll be matched with three different mentors who will be a great fit to help with your challenge.

Then, it’s just a matter of booking your call and asking your questions.

Our vetting process is our secret sauce.

Only the top 3% of mentors who apply are accepted into GrowthMentor. Each mentor undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they have real-world experience and a genuine desire to help. GrowthMentor boasts a 97% session 5-star rating, a testament to the quality of mentorship provided.

Learn more about our vetting process here.

The short answer to this question: founders, marketers, growth practitioners, and product folks.

The long answer to this question:

If you’re a founder or product person, GrowthMentor fulfills a very specific role in helping expand your horizons. We cover 34 different skill areas, including product management, team building, sales, and customer success. You can learn about any of these areas, uncover new skills and get the holistic understanding of how the elements of your company or product work together.

When you understand the whole machine, you can make better decisions to make your company or product work better, faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re in marketing, you’ve also come to the right place. We specialize in it. Of the 34 skill areas, 11 are marketing focused.

Here’s the breakdown of mentors in our marketing skill categories:

  • Growth marketing: 268 mentors list as expertise
  • GTM strategy: 198 mentors listed
  • Content marketing: 169 mentors listed
  • CRO: 157 mentors listed
  • PPC: 108 mentors listed
  • Email marketing: 102 mentors listed
  • SEO: 91 mentors listed
  • Marketing automation: 90 mentors listed
  • Product marketing: 56 mentors listed
  • Social media: 56 mentors listed
  • Copywriting: 55 mentors listed

You can get mentorship in almost any area of marketing you can think of, with practical, hands-on advice about your specific problem.

And finally, for the growth folks, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as the name implies, we focus on growth. 556 of our 700+ mentors mention growth in their profiles, 269 specialize in growth marketing, 136 in growth strategy, and 26 in growth product. You know growth practitioners see the world through a different lens. Don’t you want a platform that will let you talk to plenty of mentors who see things similarly?

Who is GrowthMentor not a good fit for?

  • anyone looking for long-term mentorship with a single mentor
  • anyone needing assistance with engineering and development related areas like coding.
  • anyone that is looking for hands-on help, not just verbal advice.

We’ll start off by saying there is no magical list of traits that will ensure a mentor is a good fit for you and your startup. Yes, experience in your industry and an understanding of a startup’s needs for your maturity level matter. Yes, soft skills matter.

But, a mentor may have all of those and still not be a good fit.

Ultimately, your relationship with a mentor is no different from any other relationship. It’s going to be based on any number of intangible factors that determine if the two of you “click” or not.

However, there is some homework you can do ahead of time to narrow your search to people you are more likely to click with. Let’s cover some do’s and don’ts.

Here’s what not to do:

DON’T: Get caught up in pursuing a mentor solely because of the companies they worked for. Sure, it can be amazing if someone has worked at a Fortune 500 company or a unicorn that seemed to break out overnight. But what worked for those companies may not work for your startup.

DON’T: Prioritize possible mentors due to their reputation. We know. It’s easy to get starry-eyed if you meet a big name at an event. But just because a potential mentor is well-known doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good mentor for you.

DON’T: Blindly follow every single channel a potential mentor has simply because you’ve heard they’re “the best.” You want to consume a possible mentor’s content critically and see if it really resonates with you.

If that’s what you shouldn’t do, here’s what to do instead:

DO: Look for potential mentors who you admire and whose paths mirror where you’d like to be in the future. This is all about being authentic and really asking yourself what you want for your startup. Becoming a unicorn is a noble goal, but is that really what’s going to make you happy or are you dazzled by the limelight?

We hear about the hyper-growth wunderkind founders all the time. But there are hundreds if not thousands of founders who have built amazing, stable, sustainably growing companies that you’ll rarely see lauded in tech news. So think through what you want and find a potential mentor whose path could serve as a blueprint towards your goals.

DO: Look for potential mentors whose background, skill-sets, industries, and beliefs are similar to yours, but not carbon copies. It’s great to sit down and talk shop with someone who knows your industry and shares the same strengths.

But, you want your mentor to push you a little outside of your comfort zone, without feeling like they’ve shoved you out of it. So just enough similarity, usually along the lines of industry and startup maturity, is the key.

DO: Consider the personality of your potential mentor and whether it works well with your preferences. Mentorship comes in all different styles: straightforward, cheerleading, guiding, even questioning. Most of the time, you’ll have a preference for one or two styles. By engaging with a potential mentor’s content, you’ll usually get a good grasp of their personality and likely mentoring style fairly quickly.

Stay focused

Staying focused will help you to make sure that your meeting is productive and a worthwhile use of your time. Sessions usually last for 15-60 minutes and so you’ll want to make sure that every second counts.

Have realistic expectations before you start and don’t try to cover too much. Remember that they’re mentors and not magicians and that they won’t be able to solve all of your problems in a single call.

We’ve specifically designed the GrowthMentor session request page to push you to answer the following two mandatory prompts:

Please describe your challenge or pain point: A place for you to brief your mentor on the issue that you’re facing. Try to focus on one key challenge per session and to pick your biggest challenge for the first meeting.

What’s the desired outcome of this call?: Answering this will help your mentor to understand what success looks like to you so that they can reverse engineer a path from where you are now to where you want to be.

Do your homework

Once you’ve selected your mentor, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the contents of their GrowthMentor profile page.

While you’re at it, you can also click through to their LinkedIn profiles and send them a connection request.

Have a look at some of their past work and take notes on the highlights. That way, you can reference it during your call to show that you took the time to understand them and how they can help you. It’s a great way to build rapport.

Respect their time

A lot of this is simple stuff, like showing up on time and letting your mentor know if you’re going to be late. If you need to cancel, give them as much notice as possible. Remember that a lot of mentors (67% on GrowthMentor) are offering up their time for free.

Make sure that you’re not the only person talking, and don’t try to tell them your entire life story. There’ll be plenty of time for that later on as you continue to work together.

One tip is to look at the clock and to be mindful of how long you spend talking. If you’ve been talking for over two minutes, take a breath and just pause for a few seconds, something good might happen.

Remember, they didn’t agree to a call just to hear you talk.

Try to build a genuine relationship

Finding a mentor isn’t a short-term fix, and if you want to see results then you need to be in it for the long haul.

Try to be likable by doing the basics: be friendly, receptive, polite, and appreciative.

After the call, spend some time writing a thank you message, and be sure to leave a thorough review.

Follow them on social networking sites and start interacting with their posts by liking, sharing and commenting on them.

If you found their advice useful, follow up with them to let them know. Remember, this is what they do it for – they want to feel like they’re making an impact.

Aim for transparency

If you’re not transparent with your mentor then they’re not going to be able to help you.

Give them the details that make you feel uncomfortable and go out of your way to share wherever possible relevant metrics and numbers like conversion rates, LTV, CAC,  churn stats, and growth rates.

We asked the GrowthMentor community for their tips on best practices, here’s what they said.

Here are the tips that they wish they’d had before their first meetings with their mentors:

  • Try multiple mentors to get a feel for who you resonate with.
  • Look at your mentor’s profile and do some prep work before the meeting. Send them information on what you’d like to discuss (e.g. a screenshot of your PPC campaigns or email copy in a Google doc).
  • Spend some time scrolling through the feed of mentors. I started out by contacting people at the top of the feed and later found some real gems lower down in the feed using GrowthMentor’s filters.
  • Be persistent and follow up with your mentors and their suggestions.
  • Being truly vulnerable makes mentors want to help you more.
  • Continue learning, trying things out and making mistakes until you figure out what works for you.
  • Have a goal in mind to make your sessions grounded and practical, and put some thought and care into the reviews you leave.
  • Try not to be shy or intimidated. Remember that the mentors are there to help you.
  • Ask multiple mentors about the same question or problem. You’ll get different answers and from a wider perspective thanks to their different experience levels and backgrounds.
  • Set learning goals and aim for at least 1-2 sessions with your mentors each month.
  • Don’t be afraid to get mentors to reach out to you by making help requests.

Yes. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 14 days and contact support for a full refund. Refunds are not possible if you’ve scheduled any calls or have breached our terms of service.

Grow your startup faster with 1:1 mentorship

“We stopped buying courses”
“Nothing else compares”
“Our team can’t get enough”
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