The feedback is literally insane

Ani Ter-Margaryan
"Thanks to Luis' advice, we were able to decrease our cost per conversion by 3x. His advice is super actionable — you always leave the call with at least 3-5 tweaks to implement right away! Plus, he walks you through his thought process, so you always know the "why" behind every change you make."
– Ani Ter-Margaryan, Growth at Instrumentl
Julien Wagemann
The call with Vincent was worth its weight in gold, to say the least. Saved me 10,000 € and months of development time by coming up with a far simpler & way better solution for my MVP. All of this in just 30 minutes.
–Julien Wagemann, Owner at Awareness Mastery
Damon Lye
“I realized that my old methods of learning (Googling issues and taking courses) were not enough.”
- Damon Lye, Head of Growth @ Ergotune
Marta Rogach
Farzad is the best mentor ever! It was clear from the first few minutes that he really wants to help and tries to understand the business, and the needs and give a concrete actionable advice, not just some general tips and recommendations.
- Marta Rogach, Mentor at Projector Institute
Andreos Santos
The conversation I had with Lucas was incredible. He listened carefully to what I said and then with great propriety he practically gave me the solution to the problem I'm trying to solve in a very clear, objective, and structured way. He's such an awesome mentor! I have no words to thank him! It was amazing!
- Andreos Santos, Brand Leader at Musicvertising