of employees would stay if they had opportunities to learn & grow


of Fortune 500 companies have established mentoring programs


of millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success

Give your employees a chance to see how other operators do things

Imagine if each member of your team jumped on 4 x 30 minute mentorship sessions with mentors currently working at other companies. What insights could they bring to help drive growth?
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Give your team access to 600+ vetted mentors — all of them with verified track records of success driving growth at tech companies.

  • Media Buying

  • Growth Strategy

  • Tools Best Practices

  • Leading a Team

  • +50 more skills

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly General Manager
  • Margarita Loktionova
    Margarita Loktionova Content Marketing Lead
  • Enrique
    Enrique Hoyos VP of Growth
  • Sheryl Ng
    Sheryl Ng Global Operations
  • Sumanyu Sharma
    Sumanyu Sharma Head of Data, ex-Tesla
  • Michael Taylor Co founder

Unlimited 1:1 mentorship sessions for your whole team. It really is this easy.

It's like an insurance policy that guarantees there'll always be people standing by to help if your team gets stuck with something.
  • 1.Growth coach matches your team with mentors when they need
  • 2.Ask questions, learn & brainstorm live with your mentors
  • 3.End the calls with new skills & confidence

“I know I’d always have a group of experts to turn to and discuss my problems with. It’s really reassuring.”

"Google doesn't always have the answers that I need. Sometimes all I need is someone who can share experiences of what they did when they were in my situation." Marketer at DOWN Dating App

Everyone on your team gets a 1:1 onboarding

Clarify your goals and marketing channels

We jump on a call with you and other leaders of your company to define which goals and KPIs Growthmentor can help with.

Uncover team strengths, weaknesses, and skill gaps

Based on your goals, we survey your teams strengths and weaknesses to identify skill gaps that need to be filled.

Craft a custom growth roadmap for your team

Each member gets a custom learning plan based on their competencies, and a growth coach that supports their continual learning.

Followed by quarterly checkins with a growth coach to touch base

Give your team the guidance they need to level up, take ownership and drive more results with growth coaching.
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Add new knowledge, systems, and skills to your company without hiring expensive leadership roles

Don't let a lack of skills or knowledge hold your team back from hitting growth goals.

What our members are saying

“With GrowthMentor I can schedule tons of calls and have someone giving me advice within a couple of hours or days!”

Damon Lye Head of Growth @ Ergotune
Ena Mandic

“I felt really privileged to just be in touch with some of these people, not to mention to get business advice from them.”

Ena Mandic Head of Customer Success at Lemlist
Silvia Tosca Bertolini

“Crazy how we sometimes forget how important it is to have a community that takes an active interest in your development.”

Silvia Tosca Bertolini Marketer

“I always felt kind of left out and alone professionally in my work. I’ve been searching for something like GrowthMentor for around 4-5 years by now and couldn’t find it.”

Anton Blagov Head of Marketing at BigleLegal

“I was able to create a working marketing plan and strategy that got me recognition at work.”

Kadijat Okeowo Growth and Product Marketing Manager

We managed to recreate the whole content of our website and make it more understandable to non-tech people with the help of a few mentors. “

Mladen Vachkov Marketer @ Cosmos Thrace
Lena Sesardic

“Knowing I can always book a call to help me clarify what I’m doing is the best feeling in the world.”

Lena Sesardic Product Manager

“I’ve barely tapped into the potential that GrowthMentor brings to the table. So far, it’s acted as a place I can get a sanity check and validate ideas.”

Arash Ghaemi Growth Marketer at Deso.com

“I have evolved as a professional thanks to GrowthMentor! Some of the mentors even shared some frameworks and guides that made my life easier!

Sakis Triantafyllakis Head of Growth at Orfium
An overview of Indie Ludbrook's profile photo

“In a short space of time, GrowthMentor has delivered value in a way I would have never anticipated. I wish I discovered it sooner!”

Indie Ludbrook Growth Marketer

Frequently asked questions

Still not sure? Message us on live chat!

GrowthMentor is a unique platform offering 1:1 mentorship for professionals looking to upskill. Unlike traditional courses, GrowthMentor connects you directly with experienced operators from leading companies for personalized guidance. This approach helps bridge the gap between theory and practical application, allowing you to learn from the best to become the best in your role.

GrowthMentor provides a platform where your team can access over 600+ vetted mentors with verified track records in various fields.

Each team member can engage in 30-minute mentorship sessions, tailored to their specific needs and goals.

This direct interaction with seasoned professionals offers practical insights and knowledge, enhancing your team’s skills and driving growth.

Our vetting process is our secret sauce.

Only the top 3% of mentors who apply are accepted into GrowthMentor. Each mentor undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they have real-world experience and a genuine desire to help. GrowthMentor boasts a 97% session 5-star rating, a testament to the quality of mentorship provided.

Learn more about our vetting process here.

The process begins with understanding your team’s specific needs and goals. Based on this, our growth coach matches your team with suitable mentors. This matching considers the mentors’ expertise, experience, and the specific skills or insights your team seeks to acquire.

Your team will also be able to self-match by browsing the directory of mentors, using the search, filters, and AI matching tool, and by creating help requests.

Quarterly pricing per seat

  • 2-10 seats: $200/seat
  • 11-20 seats: $180/seat
  • 21-30 seats: $160/seat
  • 31+ seats: $150/seat

Annual pricing per seat

  • 2-10 seats: $600/seat
  • 11-20 seats: $540/seat
  • 21-30 seats: $480/seat
  • 31+ seats: $450/seat