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Ground Control

$750 credit

Finance & accounting for high growth founders

Zenith Coworking

10% off on total billing

We provide workspace solutions from freelancers to fortune 500.


15% off recruitment services

Remotivate helps digital companies hire remote superstar talent in leadership and management roles, using a proprietary vetting and filtering process, so you can focus on growing your business.


50% off on the first video we create together

Win more customers with done-for-you explainer videos:zap. Send us the script, we have the studio, cameras, and actors - you'll get a video in under 10 days.


Get exclusive access, free of fee.

Inspirr is equalizing opportunity to fulfill a dream, by first making it easier to access the early capital it takes to pursue it.

No BS Start Guide

50% off the guide

Validate, Launch and Grow your Startup 3-5x faster with A 400+ Step by Step Checklist


Get 50% off

A password manager for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

Product Hunt

Spend $5,000 or more in advertising and receive a $1,000 credit

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day.


10% off your first year

The SaaS purchasing platform that gives finance leaders cost control, efficiency and flexibility.


Contact Michal at [email protected] to find out a discount that works for your business

Find customers on Reddit. A tool for low ticket startups.

Engage AI

77% off first month

Empower business owners and BDMs to use AI in making insightful comments and engaging prospects on LinkedIn at scale


20% off for the first month

Outbound Sales consulting and Lead Gen services


Take advantage of our launch plans or 20% off once they're gone

Partnership marketing platform and community for SMEs and Startups


50% off on any paid plan for the first 6 months (see details)

Complete email marketing solution that lets you send interactive app-like emails and drive 3x conversions


12 months free on Standard Plan or 50% off on Premium and Team Plans

End to end encrypted forms/surveys


$5K in coaching credits

Offering of Exec Coaching and EA Recruiting services.

$10,000 off in usage fees

End-to-end MLOps platform for Startups


Chrome extension providing discounts on SaaS tools in just one-click

Founders’ Book

$50 off on all plans

Tools and resources for founders and early-stage startups


20% off Playroll fees in Category A and B for a year

Hire global talent instantly

Demand Curve

20% off

Level up your marketing

$100 of free work done

Get more done with remote native talent


10% off for first 3 months

Helping you build an on-demand remote workforce

The Bootstrapped Way

50% OFF, from $49.00 to $24.50

Top Growth Strategies for Bootstrapped Startups


20% off for the first 6 months

Maximize the value of your sessions


1 Month free

Music-driven guided breathwork classes


20% discount

Where remote teams work better together


30% off for 12 months

Grow your Shopify repeat sales on autopilot


Exclusive 40% off scholarship

Fundamentals of no-code + MVP in 30 days


$1000 in credits

We joined the Miro Startup Program; get your $1000


50% off Specific Plans to Startups at Certain Funding Levels

B2B Database | Company Contacts & Intelligence


25% off any plan forever

Conversion optimization platform


50% off first 6 months

Send beautiful proposals and well-structured briefs


30% for annual payments

Data mining, content analyses and content marketing strategy


10% off for the first year

Personalized lead research, data enrichment, and account-based insights


25% a year membership

Connect with investors in the pre-seed to series A stages

Boss as a Service

10% off Recurring Forever on any Plan

Boss as a Service gives you a boss - a real person who will check in with you, and hold you accountable to your goals.

Angels Partners

20% first month of subscription

Built by VCs and serial entrepreneurs, Angels Partners disrupts online fundraising for startups, helping them raise smart money fast.

Insured Nomads

10% Travel Insurance Discount

Insured Nomads provides global health and travel insurance benefits with access to universal telemedicine and many more.

No Code Founders

10% off Pro Memberships

No Code Founders is a community for non-technical entrepreneurs, providing resources to help them in their business journeys.

The Nomad Escape

$100 discount on retreats

The Nomad Escape offers business and self-development retreats for Entrepreneurs and Remote Workers.


5% discount

Firstbase is the No1 incorporation service in the US that serves as a one-stop-shop helping founders easily incorporate their startup in the US. handles the administrative legwork, while the founder focuses on building their business.


30% for 12 months

Grow your SaaS affiliate program with ease by listing yourself into the B2B SaaS marketplace. Reditus is focussed on to grow your affiliate program, create a new revenue channel for your SaaS.


3-month Free Trial

Indicative is a Product Analytics platform that connects directly to your data warehouse. Indicative is used by Product Managers, Growth Managers, and Data Analysts to improve acquisition, engagement, and retention on their products.


Two months of free access to Fomo at any pricing plan.

Fomo helps startups and marketers improve their conversion rate through the power of social proof and can help you improve your product's conversion rates and grow faster.

Advanced Web Rankings

25% off for 12 months

Advanced Web Ranking gives fresh rankings daily, weekly and on demand; keyword & competitor research, white label reporting and powerful API.

Huddol Journeys

7 Days FREE Access

Huddol Journeys is your dedicated personal life coach and guru inspiring personal growth and transformation. Go on a journey of self-discovery and unlock your best self.


25% off the Unlimited Plan and 15% off the Business Plan

ClickUp is a project management and collaboration software that has an intuitive design and customizable workspace. An all-in-one app to manage projects, people, and everything in between

Growth Models

20% off

Analysis, explanation, and easy to copy templates of the growth models that are working right now.

15% off for 12 months is a data platform and AI that helps B2B sales and marketing teams find and prioritize the right accounts.


15% off forever for GrowthMentor members

GetAds delivers frictionless, ad banner design from a professional team that understands advertising.


20% off for 12 months

ProveSource is a social proof platform that build trust and credibility with your users by showing recent orders, signups, positive reviews and more to increase conversions


6 month free trial

Create beautiful and contextual popups, banners and bars for your mobile and desktop visitors.

Velocity Growth

10% off any program

Velocity University was created by 6-time founder Craig Zingerline with support from Jason Calacanis and the LAUNCH team.


15% lifetime discount

Userpilot helps teams increase user adoption by allowing them to trigger the right in-app experience to the right persona at the right stage of their user journey.

Speak on Podcasts

20% off first month

We’ll get you booked onto podcasts your target audience listens to. You show up, we do all the heavy lifting.


30% off for first year

Baremetrics is Subscription Analytics and Insights: One click and you get hundreds of valuable metrics and business insights!


50% off first 6 months

Typeform is the world's leading tool for getting data in the easiest yet most beautiful way possible.


30% off monthly price

HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform combining live chat software, email marketing, help desk, knowledge base, and more tools. Great Intercom alternative if you're looking to cut costs.


$200 in free recruitment credit

Respondent connects startups, researchers, designers and product managers with high quality research participants. Connect with any target audience, anywhere on earth.


30% lifetime discount

Curio is the best way to listen to audio journalism from leading newspapers and magazines, anytime, anywhere.


One month free is a sales automation tool that helps B2B companies to grow their businesses with cold email and follow-up campaigns.


75% off first 3 months

EuroVPS is a web hosting provider that specializes in managed solutions for busy people that don't have time to manage their servers.

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