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Performance Marketing

Running paid ads for the very first time

Talk to mentors that specifically enjoy helping people go from 0 to 1 when it comes to paid ads.

Becoming more productive

Be more productive to make a real impact with your work, stay motivated, and just achieve more.

How to get early adopters for your SaaS

Talk to these mentors about how to find early adopters for your SaaS startup.

Scaling ad spend beyond $100k per month

Talk to performance marketers that have experience scaling paid ad spend beyond the $100k per month mark.
Go To Market Strategy

How to launch on Product Hunt

Get advice on how to launch on Producthunt to maximize the chances of securing positions 1-3.
Product Analytics

How to decide what metrics to track

Get advice on how to fight through data overwhelm and decide which metrics are KPIs.

Digital agency founders

Talk to the mentors that have first-hand experience running digital agencies to learn from their journeys.
Career Growth

Career advice for marketers in their first job

Get mentored on how to upskill yourself in your first marketing job while still driving results.
Go To Market Strategy

Go to Market Strategy 0 to 1

Steps to create a go to market strategy when you’re early stage going from 0 to 1.
Team Building

Advice on dealing with co founders

Tips on how to nurture healthy co-founder relationships from founders who have been there before.
Customer Success

Improve your product onboarding

How to identify drop-off points in your product onboarding and what you can do to improve product adoption.
Mindset Coaching

Venting frustration

Growth is hard. And that sucks. Sometimes you just need to vent to someone. This is collection’s where it’s at.
Mindset Coaching

Dealing with imposter syndrome

It’s only natural for you to feel doubt from time to time. Talk to these mentors about your struggles with imposter syndrome.

30k feet growth strategy brainstormers

The collection of mentors that enjoy having free flowing and unstructured 30k feet growth strategy brainstorming sessions.

Early stage bootstrapped startup growth

Learn the best ways to grow an early-stage bootstrapped startup from mentors who have been there done that.
Product Management

Managing your product backlog

Get mentored by seasoned product managers on how to manage your product backlog the right way.
Product Analytics

Choosing a product analytics tool

Speak with product managers actively using product analytics tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap in their day to day jobs.
Community Building

How to build a community

Learn from community managers how they built thriving communities. From the platforms, to the community engagement tactics, get a head start.

Raising a Series A

Talk to the people that have either raised Series A rounds, or have been part of the process as key stakeholders.
Product Management

Product validation & early stage pivoting

Best practices for validating your product and tips on how to pivot based on early feedback.
Email Marketing

Email marketing best practices

Learn best practices of email marketing from email marketing specialists.
Email Marketing

How to send cold emails

Learn the best ways to send cold emails that prospects will open, read, and reply to.
Content Marketing

Creating a podcast

Breaking through the noise needs a strategic approach. All the mentors in this collection run their own podcasts.

Get feedback on your copywriting

Identify ways to improve your copywriting by going over your work with mentors.
Content Marketing

Running content operations

Creating outlines, assigning to writers, passing to editors, and the list goes on. Get a second opinion on your content ops.
Content Marketing

How to hire writers and scale content teams

Learn the processes that top content marketers follow to build large teams of writers and editors.
Building a Team

Women empowerment in startups

Talk to mentors who are paying forward by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge to help empower women in tech.

How to get into YCombinator

Tips on how to get into YCombinator from founders who have been through the accelerator themselves.
Product Market Fit

Crafting a killer value proposition

How to craft a killer value proposition that instantly resonates with your ideal customer persona.
User Research

How to do jobs to be done interviews

Learn how to conduct jobs to be done interviews and what to do with the data.
Building a Team

Being a servant-leader

Learn the steps to become a better leader by incorporating servant-leadership traits.
Product Management

How to do customer development

Learn the best ways to do customer development so you don’t waste time building things nobody wants.
Go To Market Strategy

Go to Market Strategy for new features

Steps to create a go to market strategy for specific features you’re launching on post-traction companies.
Mindset Coaching

Dealing with loneliness

Talk to the people who want you to know that you’re not alone.
Career Growth

Climbing the career ladder into C-level role

Get mentored on how to navigate the landscape of getting a promotion into a C-level position.

Facebook ads for SaaS

Learn what’s working and what’s not from Facebook Ads marketers currently driving growth at SaaS startups.
Content Marketing

Scaling traffic through UGC

The best way to scale SEO is by leveraging the power of user-generated content growth loops. All the mentors in this collection have first-had experience harnessing UGC in SEO.

Cold Start: Chicken vs. Egg

Talk to the people that have successfully dealt with the cold start problem in marketplaces.
Career Growth

First time in a Head of Growth role

Get advice from seasoned heads of growth on how to approach your first head of growth role.
Conversion Rate Optimization

How to drive more signups from blog traffic

Talk to the mentors who can help you figure out how to optimize your blog traffic for conversions.
Content Marketing

Content marketing for SaaS

Learn how to properly leverage content marketing for SaaS startups.

B2B SaaS growth strategy

Learn the best strategies for growing B2B SaaS startups by speaking to these mentors.
Product Market Fit

Finding product market fit

Get mentored on how to find that elusive product market fit before you miss the market opportunity.

Fundraising as first time founder

Avoid beginner fundraising mistakes and talk to mentors that will share their stories with you.

How to use voice of customer data in copy

Strategies for leveraging voice of customer (VOC) data in your copy to increase conversion rates.
Growth Marketing

Setting up experimentation frameworks

How to set up an experimentation framework in your organization and incorporate it into your growth culture.

Google ads for big spenders

Talk to the people who are spending over $20k/month on Google Ads for scaling advice.
Mindset Coaching

Dealing with burnout

How to identify whether you are experiencing burnout and tips on how to overcome it.

SEO for beginners

Talk to mentors who are comfortable helping beginners understand the basics of SEO quickly.
Growth Marketing

How to prioritize growth channels

How to decide which growth channels to prioritize and what are the signs that you should start to scale them.
Product Analytics

Setting up an attribution system

Attribution after iOS 14.5 update changed. Luckily, there is Marketing Mix Modeling. Talk to these mentors about the future of marketing analytics and attribution.

How to build a sales team from scratch

Understand what to watch out for when building up a sales team from the ground up.

Google ads for beginners

How to approach Google Ads if you’re a complete beginner and want to shorten your learning curve.
Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing free to paid conversion rate

Tips on how to improve your free trial to paid conversion rates from growth mentors.

Facebook ads for eCommerce

Tips on how to improve your Facebook Ads ROI specifically for eCommerce companies.
Career Growth

Transitioning from full-time role to freelancer

Learn how to quit your job and go freelance. It's possible to earn way more money, plus, you get to be your own boss.
Content Marketing

Repurposing content

Repurposing content is a high leverage activity. A single podcast episode can make four blog posts, a Youtube video, and endless social media posts.
Building a Team

Managing a Remote Growth Team

The mentors listed below have first-hand experience running remote teams and are willing to help you.
Career Growth

Learning marketing as technical founder

All the mentors in this collection are developers who also know marketing and can share their stories.

Advanced SEO for breaking through plateaus

Identify bottlenecks and breakthrough SEO growth plateaus chatting with these mentors.
Customer Success

Decrease your churn rate

How to identify the core reasons of churn and tips on how to increase retention.
Social Media

Organic social media growth

Learn from the mentors who have verified track-records driving growth using organic social media channels.
Mindset Coaching

Surviving as the only marketer in a startup

Learn how to survive as the solo marketer in a startup without burning out.

Hiring virtual assistants

How to vet, hire, and manage offshore virtual assistants.

Creating a pitch deck

Learn the essential things you need to include in your pitch decks.
Building a Team

Managing engineers as a founder

Tips for managing engineers for founders, especially non-technical founders.
Product Management

Building a productized service

Talk to people who have created successful productized services.
Growth Marketing

Grow your mobile app

Get advice on everything related to growth specifically for mobile apps.
Design / UX

Website design feedback

Get feedback on your website design from mentors with product design and UX backgrounds.
Product Management

Product positioning

Learn how to find your blue ocean and nail your product positioning in crowded markets.
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improving landing page conversion rates

Identify low lying fruit opportunities to improve the conversion rate of your landing page.
Growth Marketing

Harnessing growth loops in marketplaces

Understanding the factors that are required to build high leverage growth loops in two-sided-marketplaces.

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