The idea and the people behind GrowthMentor

How it all started

For years, I often found myself feeling lonely, professionally.

I would get frustrated and wish that I had someone with a similar growth marketing mindset to bounce ideas around with.

The idea for GrowthMentor came from my own personal struggle of being a solo-marketer.

Read my story and pre-launch manifesto post here.

The team

We’re an international team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

Some of our skills are complementary while others overlap.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are not scared to ask for help or speak up when something isn’t sitting right.

We hope to achieve the same for this platform!

We all strongly believe in human relationships and active learning, which just happen to be two of the core values of Growthmentor, the third is humility.


Building this platform and community in between life

Foti Panagio

Lover of all things Growth Marketing, Foti has truly found his happy place since starting GrowthMentor. He'd happily spend all of his time mingling with other Growth folks as long as there are snacks involved.

Jessica Volbrecht

With a mixed bag background, Jessica has built the GrowthMentor community from scratch. She is never is too busy to answer questions on live chat or do some good ol' fashioned (mentor) match-making.

Alek Manov

With the reputation as ‘the nicest guy I know’ he really wouldn’t even have to produce anything. He could just show up and be nice and everyone would be happy. BUT, this dude delivers amazing designs time and time again!

Michelle Evans

Cheerleaders may be an American thing, but this British gal has it down pat! She wears many titles : customer success, accountability coach and your new favorite online pal.

Agata Krzysztofik

After years of being Foti’s ‘go-to mentor’ Agata joined the team to put the Growth in GrowthMentor! If you look her up on LinkedIn, don’t be fooled by her bubbly personality- she means business like no other.
LinkedIn Agata Krzysztofik

Our Core Values


Nobody knows everything and we should all be open to hearing a different perspective on what we are working on.

The marketing world and the tools available are changing at light speed, so how can any one person be expected to keep up?

Opening yourself up to feedback from your peers will not only make you a stronger person, but also lead to more confidence in your professional life.

Active Learning

It is so easy to get enthralled with the marketing blog world and spend copious amounts of time listening to the smartest of smart peeps on their podcasts.

It’s great to take it all in, but at the end of the day, that’s all passive learning. You’re absorbing everything that they are saying, but really anyone can do that.

What matters is what you’re doing with that knowledge.

  • Are you moving forward and testing out what you just read?
  • Are you having conversations about what you want to try?

Even verbalizing out loud what you just read about can help you to process it fully.

Human Relationships

People make the world go round.

Sorry bots, you may be impressive, but I’d still rather talk to a human any day.

We believe in the lost art of simply “having a chat”.

GrowthMentor comes down to people helping people.

Establishing relationships with marketing professionals from all over the world and sharing failures, ideas and goals is a pretty cool thing in our book.

We’ve spent many an hour going over every aspect and scrutinizing every tiny detail of this platform, having disagreements mixed in with laughter (and the occasional bottle of wine).

Board of Advisors

Hannah Parvaz

App Marketer of the Year | Founder @ Aperture

Michael Taylor

Co-Founder @ Vexpower | Marketing Memeticist | Ex-Founder @ Ladder

Vassilena Valchanova

Digital Strategist & Trainer - Passionate about Content Marketing and CRO

Austin Mullins

Enterprise SEO & Content Marketer | Founder @ Conversion Media

Dani Hart

Senior Account Director @ NEWPORT ONE

Itay Forer

Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor. YC alumni

Daniil Kopilevych

Head of Growth @ Profi | SaaS Growth Consultant

Sergi Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer at Red Points

Nathan Sudds

Co-Founder @ ActiveLabs | Community Builder, Consultant & Coach

Daniel Johnson

Growth Consultant for Ambitious Tech Startups | Fractional CMO | Mentor @ Google

Nicolas Moulin

Email Marketing for Fashion Brands - Partner @ Seven to One

Luis Camacho

Founder @ Fantom & GetAds | Paid Media Specialist @ MWI

Kosta Panagoulias

Co-founder of Web4Realty

Kuba Rdzak

Growth @ Juo.io | Growth Marketer & certified Team Manager • Top 1% CXL • Ex-Ladder.io

Manish Balakrishnan

Startup Fundraising, Growth & Sales Strategy, NoCode, MVP Builds

Lucas Mondora

Head of Marketing @ Our Forest
Zev Asch

Zev Asch

Business & Marketing Growth Coach

Felix Wong

Growth Marketer | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Ex-Techstars

Lynn Patchett

Head of Paid & Organic Search @ Kollective

Eden Bidani

Conversion Copywriter | Marketing & Acquisition Strategist

David Kelly

General Manager

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