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Montreal startup ecosystem

Montreal, renowned for its vivacious culture and rich heritage, launched its entrepreneurial narrative in the late '90s. The Quartier de l'innovation took center stage, illuminating the path for nascent tech enterprises. Since then, the startup ecosystem has expanded its influence, embedding innovation into every facet of this beguiling city. Learn more about the emerging startup scene of Montreal's booming entrepreneurial landscape.

Mentors in Montreal

Serial entrepreneur with experience in B2C and B2B, bootstrapped and venture funded. Can help with all stages of your business, from getting your MVP off the ground and customer research to optimizing existing growth processes, building out a scalable inbound acquisition channel, fundraising etc. .

Paulina Szymanska
Helping start-ups grow 📈💰| B2B SaaS | Demand & Lead Gen | Paid Media | Growth Consultant

I’m VP Operations at nesto, a mortgage fintech in Canada. Along with prior experiences as an Uber launcher and building up operations for a mealkit startup, I have built some wisdom to impart about rapid scaling across several core business functions.

Greg Perowne
Builder, Operator and People Leader

I absolutely love the field of Growth and Digital Marketing. I co-founded and sold two startups, a B2B SaaS and a Growth Agency. I’m now the Head of Growth at Hoppier.

Thomas Paris
Growth Marketing Specialist - SaaS & E-commerce

I help rising startups find their voice to unlock their path and accelerate revenue. Great ideas and innovation without prioritized marketing efforts mean lost value, lost revenue and lost opportunities.

Yasmine de Aranda
Growth Marketing Strategist helping rising SaaS and startups unlock their path to revenue

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Frequently asked questions

What industries or sectors are dominant in Montreal's startup ecosystem?

Montreal’s startup ecosystem is thriving in the tech sector, specifically in AI, gaming, FinTech, and HealthTech.

What are the key accelerators available for startups in Montreal?

Key accelerators in Montreal include FounderFuel, Centech, and the NextAI Montreal program, providing mentorship, networking, and access to funding opportunities.

What local funding opportunities are available for startups in Montreal?

Local funding opportunities are available from venture capital firms such as Real Ventures, Panache Ventures, and Brightspark Ventures. Government grants and loans are also an option.

Are there any tax incentives designed to support startups in Montreal?

Quebec offers several tax incentives including the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit and incentives for hiring and training staff.

What is the cost of living and operating a business in Montreal?

The cost of living and operating a business in Montreal is relatively lower compared to other major North American cities, including affordable office spaces and competitive salaries.

What is the talent pool like in Montreal?

Montreal’s talent pool is diverse and highly educated, with a significant number of graduates in technology and creative disciplines from renowned universities.

How is Montreal's infrastructure conducive to startup growth?

Montreal’s infrastructure, which includes a reliable transport network, high-speed internet, and numerous coworking spaces, is highly conducive to startup growth.

Are there any major networking events focused on startups in Montreal?

Key startup events in Montreal include Startupfest, Montreal Startup Week, and AI on a Social Mission Conference.

What is the regulatory environment like for startups in Montreal?

Montreal, and Canada more broadly, have a supportive regulatory environment for startups, including business-friendly immigration policies and IP protection. However, compliance with local, provincial, and federal laws is required.