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Wroclaw startup ecosystem

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey in the vibrant startup ecosystem of Wroclaw. With its rich history and dynamic energy, Wroclaw is rapidly becoming a magnet for innovative startups, visionary investors, and creative minds. From the bustling tech districts to the collaborative coworking spaces, Wroclaw offers a thriving community that fosters growth and ignites new ideas. Explore the endless possibilities and join the wave of innovation shaping Wroclaw's startup landscape.

Mentors in Wroclaw

They call him Positive John for a reason, so much energy and enthusiasm and full of super helpful advice”. I worked in the dynamic environment of growth agencies and fast-growing product startups. The marketing journey started with analytics and applied statistics for conversions and grew up to Growth Experiments, my field of expertise.

John Ostrowski
Principal Growth Experiments at iTech Media

Cofounded Growth Engine, which has been later acquired by Ladder Digital. Worked with a multitude of clients across B2B, Subscription Based, E-commerce. I worked as Product Growth Manager at AngelList Talent, where I was responsible for bringing more quality candidates to the platform.

Tomek Duda
Product & Growth Manager

Growth leader with a data-driven approach. I can help you the most with paid media ($10M+ spent), conversion rate optimization, user research and analytics. Worked with Monzo, Monify, Booking.com, Criteo, BOTE, Exago, and many others.

Piotr Koprowski
Growth Marketer

I’m a trainer, facilitator and consultant working with start-ups as a mentor in pre-acceleration and acceleration programs. For over 13 years I’ve worked at Google as L&D Program Manager. I have vast experience in learning programs design, delivery and evaluation.

Anna Kowalska
Start-up Consultant

For the last 20 years I’ve been working in Marketing, Sales and Branding for many industries around the world. I mentor startups in Europe and South America showing them how to find their voice and plan the best way to connect and find the right customers.

Marcos Bravo C.
Marketing Strategy - Currently LiveChat Brand Ambassador
Alina Lysychkina

I’m performance marketing manager with 7+ years of experience at an e-commerce, agencies, media where was responsible for planning and developing marketing strategies, conversion optimization solutions, and delivering precise quality.

Alina Lysychkina
Performance Marketing Manager 🪂 Top 3% Growth Mentor 🦄 Top 1% CXL 🏂 Ukrainian 🇺🇦

I’m an experienced Growth Marketer helping companies all around the world create and execute the most effective growth marketing strategies and tactics. Google Launchpad Mentor.

Adam Wesolowski
Experienced Growth Marketer (VP of Growth at Airalo)

Hello! I’m Kuba and I’d love to help you grow and overcome challenges 🙂 I’ve spent 70+ hours helping Mentees. I also helped 150+ companies with finding PMF or GTM strategies, scaling paid ads (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), PPC, tracking, CRO and marketing automation. Check my reviews and let’s meet! 🙂

Kuba Rdzak
Growth @ Juo.io | Growth Marketer & certified Team Manager • Top 1% CXL • Ex-Ladder.io

Frequently asked questions

What industries or sectors are dominant in Wroclaw's startup ecosystem?

Wroclaw’s startup ecosystem is notable in FinTech, HealthTech, and IT services, hosting companies like LiveChat Software and Tooploox.

What are the key accelerators available for startups in Wroclaw?

Key accelerators in Wroclaw include Wroclaw Technology Park and MIT Enterprise Forum Poland, offering startups mentoring, networking, and funding opportunities.

What local funding opportunities are available for startups in Wroclaw?

Funding opportunities come from venture capital firms like Innovation Nest, as well as various government-backed funds and angel investor networks.

Are there any tax incentives designed to support startups in Wroclaw?

Poland provides several tax incentives for startups, including exemptions for specific industries and support for R&D activities.

What is the cost of living and operating a business in Wroclaw?

The cost of living and operating a business in Wroclaw is relatively low, contributing to an attractive environment for startups.

What is the talent pool like in Wroclaw?

Wroclaw has a highly-skilled, diverse talent pool, particularly in technology and entrepreneurship, fostered by top universities and a thriving tech sector.

How is Wroclaw's infrastructure conducive to startup growth?

Wroclaw’s advanced infrastructure, strong internet connectivity, and numerous coworking spaces foster a conducive environment for startups.

Are there any major networking events focused on startups in Wroclaw?

Wroclaw hosts numerous startup events, such as Wolves Summit and InfoShare, offering extensive networking opportunities.

What is the regulatory environment like for startups in Wroclaw?

Poland’s regulatory environment is supportive of startups, with a range of resources to help startups navigate regulations and receive support from government programs.